Why Choose Us?

Our Reviews:

We realize building is a huge commitment and we do our best to provide you with support and guidance throughout the entire process. Our dedication to each project has enabled us to consistently earn 5 stars from our clients

Our Standards:

Because we are a small, lean organization that cares about our reputation and our licensing, we hold ourselves 100% accountable for your project from start to finish

No Change Related
Penalty Fees:

We understand that as the project progresses, your needs may evolve or change. Therefore we do not charge any penalty fees for changes you make, we only charge whatever the incremental cost(s) associated with making the change itself

Our Team:

Our versatile and experienced in-house crews are able to accommodate a variety of
construction needs and client requests as needed

Our Discounts:

All invoices you receive from us reflect our builder/designer labor & material discounts

Services/Benefits of Working with Us

  • We design (or modify) one complimentary 3D building plan that is based on your target construction budget
  • Our highly skilled in-house & sub-base crews have been trained to collaborate with each other to support our company and our homeowner goals
  • We hold weekly on-site meetings to provide you with project updates, planning & design tips & cost-saving opportunities
  • We have the ability to value engineer the project from the very beginning
  • We pass all of our construction trade & commercial discounts directly to you