Practical Home Building Solutions

GCG Home Builders is set up to accommodate a wide range of home sizes, styles, and price points. We have our own set of floor plans for you to browse through in case you do not already have one picked out. We collaborate with you on how to develop a strategy to achieve your target budget. We also pride ourselves on sharing electronic copies of all of our labor & material receipts, which reflect our builder pricing, along with each invoice you receive from us. For more information regarding pricing, please email us at

Controllable vs. non-controllable costs

Build Costs are comprised of several key controllable and non-controllable costs including but not limited to:

  • Actual soil/lot conditions (i.e. how much prep will be required to support your driveway/ floorplan)

  • The architectural design elements you choose (i.e. how large your main floor footprint is, how tall your ceilings are, how wide your staircase is)

  • Key products & materials you choose (i.e granite vs. quartzite countertops, carpet vs. hardwood flooring, standard insulation vs. spray foam)

  • Economic market conditions that impact material pricing after the project has started

  • Evolving city regulations regarding drainage and erosion control

A large white house with black trim and windows.
A drawing of the measurements for a kitchen.